Driving around with children in the car can be a sport. A dangerous one, if you’re not alert or have a few tricks up your sleeves to keep them at bay.
One thing about children – they will distract you, they are children and they don’t know better, but you are an adult and can keep control in those times. According to AAA, drivers spend more than half of their time behind the wheel focused on things other than driving—and that number can be even higher when kids are in the car.
While it’s important to take care of chilrens’ needs, it’s more important to make sure they’re safe by keeping your attention on the road and avoiding distracted driving behaviours. Here are some tips your can keep up your sleeve.

  1. Have Something To Keep Them Busy.
    This could be in-car movies or sing along kid friendly music selection. In-car CD players, the radio and portable DVD players and other technologies make it possible to keep kids entertained with music. Although you’ll need to monitor the volume, videos can keep the kids in the backseat entertained for a long time.
  2. Have Them Play Games.
    Keep an activity bag in your car filled with books, toys and board games. The trick is that some activities are more effective and age appropriate than others, so you’ll need to experiment to discover which items work for your bunch of kids.
  3. Allow For Quick Breaks.
    Children get restless easily, but you take frequent breaks on long car rides to break up the trip. And when you do stop, make sure that the children have as much activity as possible to burn their excess energy. If you’re lucky, they might even nap on the road for a bit.
  4. Make Conversation With Them.
    Children love attention – make sure you make them feel like they have your undivided attention when you can. Ask them question, share jokes and they’ll forget about distracting you and you might enjoy the ride as much as they do because kids are funny and very honest.

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